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Lower Training Costs with Social Collaboration

Lower Training Costs with Social Collaboration

Prior to social collaboration tools, knowledge-dependent companies, such as consulting firms and 
investment banks, encouraged emails throughout the group when someone asked or answered a 
question related to their work. This is because they discovered that the same questions were asked 
over and over again when the answer went to only one person. By copying the entire group on these 
emails everyone could learn from the answer. Although this was an improvement, the information did 
not necessarily come when someone needed it, it was not easy to look for at a later date and it was 
not available to employees who were hired after it was sent.
In addition, when experts left the company, all their valuable knowledge was left behind. One of the 
most important asset companies have is the knowledge and expertise that employees accumulate 
over the years. Catching this difficult "silent knowledge" has been a painful problem for many 
organizations that do not want to lose critical insights and need to reinvent the wheel every time an 
employee leaves.
Fast forward to today and social collaboration tools achieve the same benefits with these 
group-transmitted e-mails. Only now would this question get a response from a knowledgeable 
network of experts that would be instant and searchable content, accessible to anyone at any future 
date through a search function. This means that you can find the answer when you need it, even if you 
did not work at the company when the question was originally asked. This also means that the 
information will still be available if the person who answered the question leaves the company
Social tools make it much easier to capture difficult human expertise - a far cry from having to 
constantly update a database, for example. Instead of having to do knowledge to capture an extra task, 
it happens automatically because discussions are recorded when they happen. From knowledge 
gathering and management perspectives, this process where knowledge is almost easily transformed 
into content is a big step forward.
This can drastically reduce the time and costs it takes to train new or promoted employees. Instead of 
a lengthy onboarding process where the trainee would sit through classroom training and talk to 
multiple colleagues to get in-depth, they could simply learn the basics ahead of time and dig into 
usage-specific information when they needed it. Faster ramp-up and on-demand access to important 
information enables employees to become productive faster, thus reducing the cost of training.
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